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writing again

Things are slowly starting to change, on top of the fact I have been rather yuckie and suffering from too much acid in my tummy with has left both ends of me unhappy for days.
I think i have rounded the bend.. I better have.

I was reading more about how i could improve my writing and a site I used to frequent was mentioned, so i made a new acct there and I am going to try it out.

H2G2 I loved it before but I don't know I just fell out of it. 
But maybe this time now that it serves a bigger purpose I will stick it out and enjoy it more.

I have already put up on piece - a bio piece of a fictional character from a popular series. Just something light and fun to start.
I have a few pieces forming in the back of my mind.

I found a free software program linked from a site i was reading yesterday supposed to help you write or practice it.
You can get one liners to work with or time yourself with it.
Its a cute free little program.
It gave me an idea just typing away in it that I am running with. Different from everything I have ever written so we shall see how it goes.

I am also still plugging away on my book challenge tho not as much as I should be I admit.
There's still too many things getting in the way for me to focus as much as I'd like.
A relationship that needs to end officially tho it pretty much has. - my desire for a potential partner that matches me and my search for one
And i spent all that time prepping for a family visit in case it didn't get canceled and it got canceled.

Ah well.. at least right now its just me and my coffee cup.

Now if someone would just find a way to keep me off facebook, and playing that damn bejeweled game.

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