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I am a 30 year old woman living in Ontario Canada. I have recently began writing again, after an extended period of writers block.
My latest idea is in the form of a book and am looking for ideas and tips to strengthen my writing skill.

There will likely be bits of a personal blog among it as i am not sure I see a lot of reason to have more then one blog tho that may change in the future.


I have finally done it. Taken one step closer to finding my place. I have for some time been very drawn to the world of Islam and been trying to learn all i can.
I have now begun reading the Quran and plan to begin my quest for knowledge and see how I fit.

The religious side of this blog may get heavy for awhile. I will try to tag it so most know how to skip that if they so desire.


I can be found on Salam as well as the Disabled Muslims group (yahoo)

I welcome the chance to talk to other Sisters.

Salam alaikum

My book blog can be found Veiled By Choice
My Quran study can be found The Veil and Beyond Quran Study

I Love sci fi, fantasy, steam punk, Victorian everything, zombies.. and would like to meet others with the same interests.

I don't bite, feel free to say hello.

Places I haunt: (most using the same user name)
You can find me on most steampunk boards
Deviant art (well ok I try to haunt here a lot but I don't draw so it hasn't been habit forming)
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