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Fan Fiction: TBBT

My brief scene that is going to open up an alternative story line. First time: Be Gentle lol.

(Beginning Scene)

Okay, so he didn't always understand people and he rarely caught onto sarcasm but at least he was starting to understand her, right?

All Penny found herself wanting the last few months was for Sheldon to see her, as her, not Lenard's ex girlfriend, not as the girl next door, not his Tuesday dinner waitress at the cheesecake factory but as Penny his friend.

She had finally gotten that. More then that if you looked at the big picture she was the friend and wolerwitz was the acquaintance. Wow, she wasn't sure how but she was counting her blessings.

Sheldon Cooper, was not someone with whom just anyone made into a friend, hell Howard invested years into what he thought was a friendship and look where it got him.

Granted knowing Howard, Penny didn't blame Sheldon.
Even after all this time it was hard to not give an involuntary shudder when Howard opened his hole.
But he had gotten better since she had punched him for trying to kiss her.

Ugh, time for some happy....


"Hi Sheldon.." Said Penny smiling, as she opened the door.

"Penny, as you know Tuesday is cheeseburger at the cheese factory night..every Tuesday you bring me my cheeseburger making sure no one touches my food.. But you weren't there.." Said Sheldon barely taking a breath.

Penny moved aside.. Sheldon comes in taking the non verbal cue she had spent several weeks training him to pick up on, unknown to him of course.

"Sheldon honey, I'm sorry, I forgot to tell you I had to swap shifts this week I had an audition, it couldn't be avoided"

"But it's Tuesday, Tuesday is chees.."

"Sheldon, have you eaten yet?" Said Penny with a sudden idea.

"Aren't you listening, you weren't there, I couldn't eat, how would I know no one touched my food?"

Penny smiled and pulled him out of the apartment by his sleeve.. "Let's go Sheldon."

"Do I get my cheeseburger now?" Asked Sheldon as they got into the car.

"Yes, Sheldon" said Penny slightly exasperated.
Another non verbal teaching idea to add to the list she thought.

"Did you know that in the United States alone 25 million horses supplied most local transportation in 1900had about the same number of cars just three decades later." rambled Sheldon.

"Penny, what was your audition for?"

"Wha.. Uh..a part playing an office assistant sweetie" said Penny shocked that Sheldon had bothered to ask.

" Before the typewriter was invented in the 1800s secretarial staffing jobs were mostly done by men, when the typewriter came to be and world war I broke out woman took over."

"Hmm.." Replied Penny watching the road as Sheldon rattled on next to her..

Walking into the restaurant Penny scanned the room Lenard and the guys were seated in the usual spot.
Sighing softly she followed Sheldon to the table.

"...Oh, you guys are already eating?" said penny a bit surprised
Yeah.. we tried to get Sheldon just to order and eat but he says he can't be sure no one is touching his food and it had to be you back there to be sure.. the manager tried to tell him that he would make sure they wore gloves but you know how he is.. replied Lenard in between bites of his burger.

Awwe... cooed Penny quickly biting off the rest of her reply before anyone could catch on to what she was thinking.

cheeseburger -- bacon, barbecue sauce and cheese on the side, I will be right back with your dinner sweetie.

Penny could see the shock in her managers face as she entered the kitchen but she was in no mood to have to sit down and explain this too him. The only thing she wanted to do was to get Sheldon his food and sit down for awhile. She needed some time to think.

Progress had been made today, small progress but with Sheldon even small sent her real-ling and she had to have some time to process it.

Moments later Penny slipped on her gloves and carefully put Sheldon's burger on the plate just the way she knew he liked it.
She had no idea how, but if no gloves were worn then he knew.. weird.
She loved that boy, but he was a serious wackadoodle.
Here you are Sheldon cheeseburger -- bacon, barbecue sauce and cheese on the side said Penny placing the plate in front of him.

Penny was just about to get Lenard to scoot over so she could fall into her usual seat when Sheldon slipped over so she could be next too him on the bench..

The table stopped and stared.

What? replied Sheldon innocently looking up from his plate. You are already next to Wolowitz so its not like you can make the bench bigger, and there is no invisible expansion so logically I would need to move so penny could sit down.

Penny melted slipping next to Sheldon she cooed "thank you sweetie, that's very kind of you."
The guys slowly stopped staring and went back to their food.

Something was changing and Penny knew it, she wondered if Sheldon did too.
It was a safe bet that the guys didn't. It had pretty much taken years, picture drawing and a trip to the Arctic for Lenard to get that she was interested in him.

(end of scene 1)

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