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a small update

I realized yesterday it is VERY hard to write about a place you have never physically been to and where there is not a lot of good stable information that allows you to write a free flow piece into a book you're writing.
Mine being The Yangzhou Mosque

My library has nothing but they have nothing on just about everything its what happens in a city such as this. Low population most often means sucky library.

But at least I am back to trying to write more that's at least something.

5 books are read and ten more on the go for the years book challenge.
Added to the fact I am trying to clean my house from top to bottom before my family is supposed to be here for their night stay. with any luck they will cancel and decide its best to mail my gifts and come at another time and just never come.

May not happen that way cuz the step father gets mad at her for canceling and they fight but who knows maybe I will get lucky.
I was hoping to catch a web lecture on the Sat/ Sunday morning but that's not going to end up happening if they are here.

I've also had a screwed up sleep schedule that has left me feeling exhausted and out of it.

I can not wait for next week to be over.

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