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shoulda stayed friends.

I haven't blogged in awhile there hasn't been much to say. 
Other then hoping against hope that tests im going to have to go in for don't come back as cancerous.
Not fun.
But Im determined to not freak out unless I am given reason to.

The on and off relationship I seem to find myself sucked into again is just not ever going to work out.

Every time they get better he does something so idiotic that I just want to tell him to go walk off a short pier.

And I did that pretty much last night, just before I hung up on him again.  I havent bothered to reply to anything this morning. I honestly can not be bothered.

So instead I read the rest of my book - The Drowned Book - Bahauddin (the father of Rumi)

I have now a list of pages numbers with the quotes I want to recall before I take it back to the library..
3 of the 4 books Ive finished  in the last 3 weeks have been for my book challenges.. One was an extra because I completely forgot I ordered books in the mail.

I have a stack here of 4 that  belong to  the one Im avoiding, plus one I have already read. I need to get on that so I can give them back.
One less thing hanging over my head when things inevitably end.. again. For the last time.

I think Im going to have to do what I did with the other chris when we split.. delete all contact info.. that way we can't talk.. and  i can't miss him and end up back where it all started.

we get along and we make great friends but you bring up anything else into and i want to kill him. its not supposed to be like that.
Some people just make better friends - thats just all there is to it.


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